Favorite Mantra

Be Brave.
be Strong.
be Kind.

Morning Habit

Coffee, quiet
& devotional

Place to Visit

Anywhere with some sand and a margarita.


sun, pool, bbq, bonfire...yes!

A Few of My Faves

Yep, just Jackee (not Jacqueline or Jackie or Jacky)...just Jackee with 2 E's! 
I love my family with my whole entire heart! Shane is my husband and Zay and Ellie are my kiddos! Boy, do I wish I could freeze time, because the years are going so, so fast. Next year I will have TWO middle schoolers...what in the world!?! Maybe that's why I love photography so much...because I CAN freeze time with a photograph and hold onto the moment for just a little longer! 
Overall, I just really love helping families create memories of their life right now. The moments will pass with or without taking a photograph, but that picture we create together helps us remember just how special this time is. The people. The places. The love that is shared among family and friends. That's worth capturing!

I'm Jackee

Let's Get Personal


Of Course! That's how many of you know me - camera in hand!


Shooting branding sessions to participating in Magical Night!

Hats I Wear


Wife to Shane! He's smart, works hard and makes the world a better place!


Zay and Ellie - have my whole heart and keep me B.U.S.Y.


I am an Elder at my local church and enjoy serving in whatever way I can!


My kids have PKU and I serve on an Advocacy Committee for the NPKUA.


fun facts about me


I'll drink it in the morning, in the afternoon, heck...sometimes even in the evening! Also, coffee dates...I'll be there!

coffee is my love language

Peacemaker. That's what they call Enneagram 9s. And it's true...I'm Agreeable, Accepting, Optimistic...but oh yeah stubborn too. ;)

I'm an
Enneagram 9

It's multipurpose really.
There's a higher chance I will actually get a workout in if I'm already dressed for it AND I can comfortably chase my toddler clients and crawl with my baby clients!

I wear workout clothes...a lot

I really do. Send me a funny meme and we might just turn into best friends forever!

I love Memes

So many of my clients now feel like friends. It's fun! We hangout for an hour, catch up, laugh, sometimes cry, but really what a fun gig, right!?! I love hearing about what your family has been up to, what accomplishments your kids have done this year, where you traveled to, or if you lost your sweet pup...I want to know that too. I feel very fortunate to get to hear about the ins-and-outs of this season of life. I take it seriously, and always hope to make our time together an hour well spent.

Now that you know a little more about me...I want to know about you too!

Where we go from here, my friend -

Ready to get started?